Nissin Cup Noodle Uma-Kara Tonkotsu Flavor

On August 31, Nissin released a new flavor of instant ramen from its Cup Noodle line named “Uma-Kara Tonkotsu (旨辛豚骨)”.

In its name, “Uma-Kara (旨辛)” is a portmanteau of “Umai (旨い)” meaning “delicious” and “Karai (辛い)” meaning “spicy” in Japanese. 

The suggested retail price is 193 yen (about 1.8 USD), by the way.

Nissin Cup Noodle Uma-Kara Tonkotsu Instant Ramen

Nissin Cup Noodle Tonkotsu Flavor

This is the Uma-Kara Tonkotsu cup ramen. At the moment, I don’t know whether this flavor is a limited-time offer or will become a regular flavor.

But unlike other Cup Noodles such as Shoyu, Curry, and Seafood, this instant ramen has a flavor sachet attached to the top lid. 


The red sachet contains special Uma-Kara La-yu chili oil with a refreshing aroma of Beni Shoga pickled ginger.

In the cup, dehydrated garnishes and soup base powder are mixed in with the dried wheat noodle block. 

The topping is made up of mystery meat, cloud ear mushrooms, green onions, red chili peppers, and sesame seeds.

According to the official website of Nissin, the Cup Noodle Tonkotsu uses Szechuan pepper as a secret spice.


The cooking of this cup ramen is simple as follows; first pour boiling water into the cup, close the lid, and place the red sachet on top.

3 minutes later, remove the paper lid and add the Uma-Kara chili oil to the cup. Lastly, stir all the ingredients lightly, and it’s ready to eat.


Nissin Cup Noodle Uma-Kara Tonkotsu Instant Ramen

The Tonkotsu broth is well-balanced. It is creamy, rich in flavor, and mild in heat, but the overall taste is of Nissin Cup Noodles.

The noodles are soft, of the usual quality. As a whole, the cup ramen is quite good and worth a try at least once.

Ingredients and Nutrition Facts

Nissin Cup Noodle Uma-Kara Tonkotsu Ingredients

Nissin Cup Noodle Uma-Kara Tonkotsu Nutrition Facts

Lastly, here are the ingredient list and nutrition facts label.

According to that, the soup base of this ramen consists of pork seasoning, lard, sugars, starch, chicken seasoning, vegetable oil, wheat flour, spices, powdered soy sauce, chicken fat, flavoring oil, salt, and creaming powder.

The calories per serving (82 grams) are 383 kcal, and this cup ramen contains 4.6 g salt equivalents in total.


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