Lotte Pie no Mi: Best Japanese Puff Pastry Snack

Lotte is a long-established confectionery company based in Tokyo, and many of their snacks have been long-time favorites in Japan.

Now, the company has a variety of long-selling products, which include what I introduce here “Pie no Mi (パイの実: Pie Fruit)”.

Lotte Pie no Mi (ロッテ パイの実)

Lotte Pie no Mi Original Chocolate and Cream Puff Flavors

Lotte Pie no Mi (Price: 157 yen/ about 1.5 USD) is a puff pastry cookie (biscuit) introduced in 1979 that comes in 3 flavors, “original chocolate”, “luxury cream puff”, and “deep-tasting Chocolat”. 

Lotte Pie no Mi Puff Pastry Cookies

These hexagon-shaped original chocolate and luxury cream puff pastries are double-packaged and are glazed with caramelized sugar on top, which gives the surface a shine and slight sweetness.

Lotte Pie no Mi Puff Pastries

Lotte Pie no Mi Puff Pastry Biscuits

These cookies have smooth milk chocolate and custard cream fillings. According to the article “パイの実” on Japanese Wikipedia, the pastry comprises 64 layers and has a light, flaky texture.

Pie no Mi’s taste and texture are both so good that the snack now has become one of the best and most loved puff pastries in Japan.

Ingredients and Calories

Lotte Pie no Mi Original Chocolate and Cream Puff Flavors Ingredients

Lotte Pie no Mi Original Chocolate and Cream Puff Flavors Nutrition Facts

Lastly, for those who want to know the ingredients and nutrition facts in these Lotte Pie no Mi Original Chocolate and Cream Puff flavors, here are the labels.

Based on that, with 397 kcal per box (73 grams), the original milk chocolate Pie no Mi mainly consists of wheat flour, margarine, sugar, vegetable oil, cacao mass, malt sugar, milk sugar, whole milk powder, whey powder, and salt.



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