Kit Kat Mini Japan-Limited Onsen Manju Flavor

Today when I went out shopping, I stopped by a supermarket and, by accident, came across a rare Kit Kat flavor that had been being sold only in Onsen hot spring resorts in Japan in 2018.

That Kit Kat Japan-limited flavor is “Onsen Manju (温泉饅頭)” flavor, which seems to have been renewed recently and re-released for a limited time only.

Kit Kat Japan Onsen Manju Flavor Chocolate Bar Mini

Kit Kat Japan Limited Onsen Manju Flavor

I got this Kit Kat Mini chocolate for 258 yen (about 2.5 USD). On the front of the package, you can see illustrated Onsen Manju, together with the drawing of a cute monkey soaking in an open-air Onsen bath. 

What is Onsen Manju?

Onsen Manju

Onsen Manju

For people who are not much familiar with Japanese food, “Manju (饅頭)” is a traditional Japanese confection consisting of a soft, fluffy bun filled with sweet red bean paste called “Anko (餡子)”, and steamed. 

Manju actually comes in a number of different types and the Manju cakes being sold in hot spring resorts are generally called Onsen Manju.

Onsen Manju-Flavored Kit Kat Mini-Bar

Onsen Manju-Flavored Kit Kat Mini Bar

So the white chocolate exterior of this Kit Kat Mini-bar is flavored with a flavoring that recreates the taste of Onsen Manju, while the interior is filled with crispy wafers mixed in with Koshi-An (a common type of Anko, smooth Azuki red bean paste) cream. 

The overall chocolate bar is something like a fusion of a Western chocolate snack and a Wagashi confection, which creates a nice harmony, making the Kit Kat bar unlike any other. 


Kit Kat Japan Limited Onsen Manju Flavor Chocolate Bar Mini Ingredients

Lastly, for those of you who are interested in the ingredients, here is the label. According to that, the Kit Kat Mini Onsen Manju Flavor chocolate bar mainly consists of sugar, milk sugar, vegetable fat, whole milk powder, cocoa butter, wheat flour, Koshi-An powder, yeast, cocoa powder, cacao mass, cocoa butter, Okara powder, emulsifier, caramel pigment, baking soda, flavoring, and yeast food.


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