Sura Tanmen Instant Noodle Soup from Myojo Chukazanmai

Today, I got a cup of instant ramen called “Sura Tanmen (酸辣湯麺)” from Myojo’s Chukazanmai line.

“Chukazanmai (中華三昧)” is one of the company’s signature instant noodles brands, along with “Charumera (チャルメラ)“.

Myojo Chukazanmai Akasaka Eirin Sura Tanmen 

Myojo Chukazanmai Akasaka Eirin Sura Tanmen Instant Noodle Soup

The Myojo Chukazanmai instant noodle that recreates the taste of Akasaka Eirin’s Sura Tanmen (Price: 193 yen/about 1.7 USD) was introduced in 2010.

Eirin (榮林)” (Google Map) is a well-established Chinese restaurant with over 60 years of history located in Akasaka, Tokyo, known as the birthplace of Sura Tanmen. 

What is Sura Tanmen?

Sura Tanmen

“Sura Tanmen (酸辣湯麺)” is the Japanese noodles-added version of the traditional Chinese dish “酸辣湯 (Suan La Tang)” or “hot and sour soup” in English-speaking countries.

The dish uses ingredients such as tofu, chicken, tomato, bamboo shoots, green onions, shiitake, and cloud ear mushrooms.

It is seasoned with salt, soy sauce, and plenty of vinegar, spiced with ginger, chili oil, and white pepper, finished with Katakuriko flour and beaten eggs.


Myojo Chukazanmai Sura Tanmen Instant Ramen

As for the taste of the Chukazanmai Sura Tanmen, it is a little spicy and acidic, featuring a pleasantly refreshing taste from brewed vinegar.

The overall taste is well-balanced and is pretty good.

(Reference Page: Wikipedia 酸辣湯 )


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