Dagashi: Umaibo Teriyaki Burger Flavor Corn Puff Stick

“Dagashi (駄菓子)” is the generic term for cheap, relatively small, unique Japanese snacks and candies, and one of the most famous products in the genre is “Umaibo (うまい棒: literally Delicious Stick)”, which is a long-selling corn puff stick sold by Yaokin.

While the price of Dagashi treats generally ranges from 10 yen (about 0.1 USD) to about 100 yen (about 1 USD), the puffed corn snack Umaibo is priced at 10 yen and known as one of the cheapest Dagashi snacks.

The price of 10 yen hasn’t changed since the snack first went on the market in 1979, and besides Umaibo has a rich variety of unique flavors, so it has long been loved among children in Japan.

Based on the official website of Umaibo, currently, the snack comes in 19 flavors, some of which are sold only in a limited area. 

The majority of the 19 flavors are very unique and probably can’t be found in countries other than Japan, which includes what I bought this time the “Teriyaki Burger (テリヤキバーガー)” flavor.

Umaibo Teriyaki Burger 

Umaibo Teriyaki Burger

Released in 1980, the Umaibo Teriyaki Burger is one of the oldest flavors of Umaibo. As you can easily guess from the name, this Umaibo recreates the taste of the Teriyaki Burger that is popular in Japan and offered also by McDonald’s Japan.

McDonalds Japan Teriyaki Burger

The McDonald’s Teriyaki Burger uses plenty of fresh lettuce, and rich and creamy mayonnaise, which make a perfect pair with the hamburg steak doused with sweet delicious teriyaki sauce.

By the way, basically, Japanese teriyaki sauce is made from soy sauce, sake, mirin, and sugar, and the golden ratio is 2:2:2:1.

Umaibo Teriyaki Burger Flavor Corn Puff Snack

To get back to the main subject, as you can see in the photo above, Umaibo is shaped like a cylindrical tube and has a light crunchy texture. 

Although the taste of this Umaibo is not that close to that of McDonald’s Teriyaki Burger, it is quite good and I love it.

Specifically, the Japanese corn puff stick Umaibo Teriyaki Burger has the perfect combination between sweet and savory and is accented with a hint of tomato’s fruitiness.

Ingredients and Nutrition Facts

Umaibo Teriyaki Burger Flavor Ingredients and Nutrition Facts

Lastly, let’s see the ingredients and nutrition facts. According to the lists pictured above, the Japanese Dagashi snack Umaibo Teriyaki Burger is made from Non-Gmo corn, vegetable oil, sugar, powdered soy sauce, teriyaki seasoning, tomato powder, spices, breadcrumbs, seasoning (including amino acids), flavoring, sweetener (sucralose), and acidifier.

The calories per piece (6 grams) are 43 kcal and the snack contains 0.1 g salt equivalents.


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