Morinaga Umai-Chew vs Hi-Chew

Hi-Chew is a soft chewy candy from Morinaga that has been around since 1975 and now has gained wide popularity not only in Japan but also around the world. 

As you may know, Morinaga sometimes introduces variants of Hi-Chew into the market, and in February of this year (2021) in Japan, the company started to sell a new fruit chew named “Umai-Chew (うまいチュウ)”. 

Morinaga Umai-Chew vs Regular Hi-Chew

Morinaga Umai-Chew Mikan (Mandarin Orange) Flavor

Actually, the word “Umai (うまい)” means “delicious” in Japanese and the name Umai-Chew, literally Delicious Chew, reminds me of Yaokin’s famous Dagashi snack “Umai-Bo (うまい棒: Delicious Stick)“.


Morinaga Umai-Chew Mikan (Mandarin Orange) Flavor Soft Chewy Candy

The new fruit chew from the Hi-Chew series, Umai-Chew looks just like regular Hi-Chew. But this chewy candy has a somewhat softer texture, and unlike ordinary Hi-Chews, tiny hard candy bits are incorporated in the inner white candy. 


Although various Hi-Chew flavors can be seen in the world, Umai-Chew currently comes in only this Mikan (mandarin orange) flavor.


Morinaga Umai-Chew Mikan (Mandarin Orange) Flavor Nutrition Facts Label

Based on the nutrition facts label pictured above, the Umai-Chew Mikan has 19 kcal per piece (4.6 grams), which is just the same as that of the regular Hi-Chew Grape (4.6 grams).

Price and Contents

Both Umai-Chew and Hi-Chew are priced at 100 yen (about 1 USD) and contain 12 pieces of individually wrapped candy.


Umai-Chew Mikan (Mandarin Orange) Flavor

Umai-Chew already has a good reputation and sells well in Japan. Whether you will like the texture or not depends on your preference, but since its taste retains the usual quality of Hi-Chew, if you are a Hi-Chew fan, the Umai-Chew Mikan is a must-try item for you.


Morinaga Umai-Chew Mikan (Mandarin Orange) Flavor Ingredients

Lastly, for your reference, here is the ingredients label of the Umai-Chew Mikan.


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