Luxury Uni Sea Urchin Flavor Potato Chips from Yamayoshi

Uni (うに/雲丹), or sea urchin, is a luxurious sushi topping loved by gourmets, and in Japan, its yellow roe can even be a flavoring for snacks.

Among such things, Unisen (うにせん) or Uni Senbei has been around for a long time, but until a while ago, I had never seen Uni/sea urchin-flavor potato chips. 

However, yesterday I accidentally found that Yamayoshi Seika, a confectionery maker known for Wasa-Beef potato chips, had already created it.

Yamayoshi Seika Uni Mamire Potato Chips

I came across the Uni Mamire (うにまみれ: sea urchin-plastered) potato chips at a 7-Eleven store yesterday and bought one for sampling.

Based on some online sources, Yamayoshi introduced the product in May 2019 and renewed it recently.

Sea Urchin Potato Chips

As sea urchin roe is an expensive ingredient, the Uni potato chip is priced at 140 yen per bag (48 grams) and costs a little more than average potato chips.


Uni Potato Chips from Yamayoshi Seika

I tried these crisps just now and found they have a unique flavor, where a distinctive umami taste reminiscent of the sea comes first, followed by the sweetness characteristic of Uni.

Yes, the snack was pretty good, and if you can get it, I recommend giving it a try at least once for its novelty factor.

Ingredients/Nutrition Facts

Yamayoshi Potato Chips Uni Mamire Flavor Ingredients and Nutrition Facts

Lastly, for your information, here is the ingredients and nutrition facts label of the sea urchin-flavor potato chips.


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