Chill Out: Japan’s First Relaxation Drink backed by Coca Cola

Recently, at a vending machine outside, I ran across Japan’s first relaxation drink “Chill Out” which became a popular topic a while ago as opposed to the energy drink fad.

I knew about it reading an online news article and had wanted to try someday, so when I found the canned drink there, I instantly decided to buy it.

Chill Out Relaxation Drink

Chill Out Relaxation Drink

The Japanese relaxation drink “Chill Out” is produced and sold by Endian, an Osaka-based beverage company backed by I-ne and Coca Cola Japan, and comes in 185 ml (Price: 200 yen/ about 1.8 USD) and 250 ml cans.


Japanese Relaxation Beverage Chill Out

Chill Out is a carbonated soft drink with a citrus-like unique flavor formulated by AI. The beverage has the right amount of fizz and is easy to drink for me. Yes, it tastes pretty good.


Chill Out Drink

Based on the official website of Chill Out, the carbonated drink contains 37 mg GABA, 129.5 mg L-theanine, hemp seed extract, and hop extract (per 185 ml) as relaxation ingredients and helps you relax and relieve stress.

Besides, this relaxation beverage is free from preservatives, artificial sweeteners, and colors.

Ingredients and Calories 

Chill Out Relaxation Drink Ingredients Nutrition Facts Calories Label

According to the ingredients and nutrition facts label on the side of the can, the calories per 100 ml are 40 kcal, and this beverage contains grape and orange juice. 


I’m not sure whether the relaxation drink Chill Out really helped me relax after drinking because I’m almost stress-free now. But if you have a chance, I think the beverage is worth a try at least once.


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