Hoseki Sours Gummy: Jewel Gummies from Nobel

When I think of the Japanese confectionery company “Nobel (ノーベル)”, the first product that comes to my mind is “Super Lemon Candy” well known for its extreme sourness. 

Nowadays, the Nobel Super Lemon Candy has gained popularity even on Amazon.com, but I had never seen their “Hoseki Sours Gummy” (Price: 110 yen/ about 1 USD) being sold until recently, even though I’m in Japan.

Yes, as you can guess, the other day, I finally found it in a supermarket and bought one for this blog article.

Jewel Gummies from Nobel 

Nobel Hoseki Sours Gummy Candy

In the product name of Hoseki Sours Gummy, “Hoseki (宝石)” is the Japanese word for “jewel” or “gem” with which the look of the gummy candy is associated. 

Japanese Jewel Gummies

With a soda flavor, these gummies are shaped like a cut diamond. The shiny coating on the surface is made up of colored crystal sugars, making the treat like a precious stone.

Gem Gummies from Nobel

The gummy candy inside is also pleasantly chewy. Despite the name of Hoseki Sours Gummy, the taste is not that sour, rather quite refreshing.

Jewel Gummies from Nobel

As a whole, these jewel gummies taste pretty good, but the highlight here is their beautiful appearance, which I think can make kids excited.

Ingredients and Nutrition Facts

Nobel Hoseki Sours Gummy Candy Ingredients Nutrition Facts Calories Label

Lastly, for people who want to know the specific ingredients, nutrition facts, and calories of the Japanese jewel gummy, here is the label.


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