Super Mario Gummies Ramune & Cola Flavors from Nobel

Yesterday, I ran into Super Mario, one of the most loved characters in Japanese video games, by chance in the candy section of a Welcia drugstore.

He was posing on the packaging of a Nobel’s gummy candy product, so I had to grab it to take him home.

Nobel Super Mario Gummy Candy 

Nobel Super Mario Gummy Candy

Now, he is at my house. He is not playing in the video game but posing on the packaging of the Nobel’s gummy candy product named “Super Mario Gummy (スーパーマリオグミ)”. 

It cost me about 230 yen (about 2 USD). I searched online when he dived into the Gummy world, but I couldn’t get that information.


Nobel Super Mario Gummy Candy Packaging

This bag contains 21 small packs of gummy candy in total, which comes in cola (red) and Ramune (light blue) flavors.

On the packaging, Mario and his friends are printed. According to the official website of Nobel, the illustration has 40 patterns in all.

Nobel Super Mario Gummy Candy Cola and Ramune Flavors

On the surface of the gummy candy too, Mario and his friends’ faces are engraved, which reminds me of coins that appear in his video games.

The gummy’s shape comes in 5 patterns, by the way.


Nobel Super Mario Gummies

The Super Mario Gummies are hard gummy candies. These are delightfully chewy and have the right amount of flavor. 

Both flavors (cola and Ramune) really hit the point and made me very satisfied!

Nobel Super Mario Gummy Candy Ingredients Nutrition Facts Calories Label


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