Umaibo Halloween Happy Con-Pota vs. Regular Corn Potage

The time of Halloween is nearing day by day.

Here in Japan, the festival is not that familiar to people, but many like getting a taste of it through its related products.

Annually, I see such items in supermarkets and convenience stores since around the middle of September, 

when you can find various treats with packaging associated with Halloween lined up in the snack and candy aisle.

Umaibo, the king of Dagashi, is also no exception.

Every year, its Halloween package design catches my eye, and I finally bought that limited-time edition this time.

Umaibo Halloween Happy Corn Potage Flavor

Umaibo Halloween Happy Con-Pota vs Regular Corn Potage Flavor

This Happy Halloween bag contains 30 Happy Con-Pota (Corn Potage) flavor Umaibo sticks. 

Next to the bag, you can see regular Umaibo Corn Potage.

Umaibo Halloween Happy Corn Potage Flavor

When purchasing, I wondered if there are differences between the Happy Con-Pota and the regular Corn Potage. 

So for comparison, here I’ve got both.

Ingredients/Nutrition Facts

Umaibo Happy Corn Potage vs Regular Corn Potage Flavor Ingredients Nutrition Facts

First, I checked these ingredients and nutrition facts labels, but as expected, both were the same (except for paprika pigment).

I had a gut feeling that the Umaibo Halloween would only bring happy vibes, but something was different.


Umaibo Happy Corn Potage vs Regular Corn Potage Flavor Corn Puff Sticks

The things are color and taste. The prices per pack are the same at 10 yen, so these Umaibo differ in the two aspects.

As you can see in the photo, the Umaibo Halloween stick is browner, and I feel its taste is slightly savorier than the regular Umaibo.


Umaibo Happy Halloween Happy Corn Potage vs Regular Corn Potage Flavor

I am used to the regular Corn Potage, so I like that taste better.

But that said, the special edition Umaibo will provide happy vibes and make your Halloween more enjoyable!


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