Choco Bat: Chocolate-Coated Bread-like Dagashi Snack

Today at a 7 Eleven convenience store I swang by on my way home, I found a good and old Dagashi snack called “Choco Bat (チョコバット)” for the first time in a while.

Choco Bat is a famous Dagashi variety, but I couldn’t find the product around me for the past few years. So when I saw it being sold, I got a little excited. And here it is.

Choco Bat (チョコバット) from Sanritsu

Sanritsu Choco Bat Ace

Choco Bat is a chocolate-coated Dagashi stick from Sanritsu, a confectionery maker in Hamamatsu, Shizuoka Prefecture, known for its Genji Pie pastries.

The name probably comes from the shape of the snack associated with a baseball bat.

Sanritsu Choco Bat Ace Chocolate Coated Bread-like Snack

The Dagashi was first released in 1964 and now comes in 3 varieties, including this Choco Bat Ace priced at 30 yen (about 0.3 USD).

After purchasing this, I looked it up on Japanese Wikipedia and found the series available only during autumn and winter.

Despite the price of 30 yen, this Dagashi has a lottery, and if you get one “エース (Ace)” or collect three “ストライク (Strike)”, you can obtain a special notebook in exchange for them.

By the way, this time, “はずれ” appeared, and unfortunately, I lost the lottery.

Dagashi Choco Bat Ace Chocolated Coated Bread Dough Stick

Unlike Umaibo, the dough of this Choco Bat stick is made from wheat flour and isn’t crispy. It is like bread, close to the texture of cookies.

The snack is long and filling for the price of 30 yen, and the delicious taste brought back memories of my childhood and made me quite satisfied!


Sanritsu Choco Bat Ace Ingredients Nutrition Facts Calories Label

Lastly, based on the ingredient list, the Dagashi Choco Bat Ace consists of wheat flour, sugar, vegetable oil, cocoa, margarine, yeast, soybean paste, skim milk powder, whole milk powder, cocoa butter, salt, yeast extract, emulsifier, and flavoring.


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