Kanro Marosh: Gummy-like Soft Chewy Marshmallow Candy

The majority of convenience stores in Japan have the gummy candy section near the checkout counter, and since a while ago, I have been curious about a product I’ve never tried.

And yesterday, I finally bought the candy Kanro Marosh (Price: 151 yen/about 1.3 USD) for sampling at a 7 Eleven. 

Kanro Marosh (マロッシュ)

Kanro Marosh Lemon Squash & Grape Soda Flavors

Based on some online sources, Kanro Marosh was released on June 8 of last year (2021) and became a hot topic on SNS because of its unique texture.

Kanro Marosh Marshmallow Candy

Although these things (yellow: lemon squash/purple: grape soda flavor) are labeled as marshmallows, they have a texture like gummy candy.

At first, the candy is chewy, like gummy. But ten seconds or so after it absorbs saliva while being chewed in the mouth, it turns into a soft marshmallow.

Kanro Marosh Gummy-Like Refreshing Marshmallow Candy

One more thing that sets these treats apart from ordinary marshmallows is the tart powder coated on the surface, which is refreshing, making the overall taste addictive.

Ingredients/Nutrition Facts

Kanro Marosh Lemon Squash & Grape Soda Flavors Ingredients Nutrition Facts Calories

Based on the ingredients and nutrition facts labels,

the Kanro Marosh marshmallow candy consists of starch syrup, sugar, gelatin, acidifier, calcium carbonate, flavoring, and flower pigments (safflower, gardenia).

The calories per piece (3.6 grams) are 12.6 kcal, and the marshmallow candy contains as much as 1800 mg collagen per bag (50 grams).


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