Mannan Life Konnyaku Batake Konjac Fruit Jelly Tokuho

In recent years, many Japanese food makers have been putting on the market “Tokuho” government-approved foods for specified health uses.

Such functional food products include Coca-Cola Plus and Iyemon Tokucha green tea, and even Konnyaku Batake jelly comes in Tokuho. 

Mannan Life Konnyaku Batake Jelly Tokuho

Mannan Life Konnyaku Batake Jelly Tokuho

“Konnyaku Batake (蒟蒻畑: meaning Konnyaku Field)” is a flagship brand of Mannan Life, a Gunma-based confectionery company producing and selling konjac fruit jelly.

Konnyaku is a traditional Japanese food made from glucomannan contained in konjac potato solidified by alkaline water, and the jelly dessert from Mannan Life has been a long-time favorite in Japan.

Mannan Life Konnyaku Batake Grape Flavor Jelly

Although this grape flavor jelly (I found it in the energy drink section of a Lawson convenience store) is usually eaten by inhaling from the top of the pouch, I poured it into the bowl to show what it looks like.

Unlike regular jelly desserts, konnyaku is generally chewy, doesn’t melt in the mouth, and people rarely die from choking on it. But this jelly is crushed, so you don’t have to worry.


Konnyaku is a rich source of dietary fiber, and this jelly contains as much as 6.7 grams of fiber (including 5.0 g indigestible dextrin) per pouch (150 g).

The Konnyaku Batake jelly is as delicious as regular jelly sweets, plus it improves the intestinal environment much better. (The maker recommends consuming one pouch a day.)


Mannan Life Konnyaku Batake Jelly Tokuho Ingredients Nutrition Facts Calories Label

While traditional konnyaku is nearly zero-calorie, the Mannan Batake jelly has 39 kcal in total, as it is sweetened with high fructose corn syrup and flavored with fruit juice (grape, blueberry).


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