Calbee Miino: My Recent Favorite Veggie Snack

When it comes to Japanese veggie snacks, while I have loved Tohato Beano for a long time, Calbee Miino is my recent favorite.

As I wrote in the previous post, the former is made with green peas, while the first ingredient of the latter is “Sora Mame (そら豆)” or fava beans.

Calbee Miino

Calbee Miino

Based on the official announcement from Calbee, the “Miino (ミーノ)” brand was launched in 2018, sold in convenience stores. 

The name Miino derives from the phonetic equivalent “me の” meaning “for me”.


Calbee Miino Fava Bean Snack

The snacks are deep-fried without breading or batter to bring out the original deliciousness of the ingredients.

They are light and crunchy, seasoned with salt only.


Calbee Miino Lightly Salted Fried Fava Bean Snack

Although fava beans have a strong smell and some people dislike them, these treats are easy to eat and very tasty.

They look and sound like simple snacks, but from the addictive taste and texture, I feel the efforts of the maker.

Ingredients/Nutrition Facts

Calbee Miino Ingredients Nutrition Facts Calories Label

Lastly, here is the backside of the bag, where specific ingredients and nutrition facts of the snack are listed. 

According to that, the Calbee Miino is made only with fava beans, vegetable oil, salt, and vitamin C and has 164 kcal per bag (28 grams).


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