Edamariko: Edamame Snack Sticks from Calbee

When it comes to crunchy, tasty Japanese snacks, Jagariko (じゃがりこ) is one of the fried potato stick classics that have long been loved in Japan.

The maker Calbee has been creating new products using the producing method of Jagariko in recent years,

and this Edamariko (えだまりこ), whose main ingredient is Edamame green soybean, first came out in July 2018.

Calbee Otona no Edamariko (大人のえだまりこ)

Last year, in 2021, Edamariko evolved into an Otsumami snack for adults with its name also changed to Otona no Edamariko (大人のえだまりこ), being sold in convenience stores.

Calbee periodically changes its flavor, as seen in the fact that the first Spicy Garlic released in April 2021 and the second Salt released in November 2021 are already gone.

Calbee Edamariko Fried Edamame Sticks

Now the third generation Black Pepper flavor is on sale, and I got this at a 7 Eleven (Price: 150 yen or so/about 1.2 USD) the other day.

These Edamame sticks are as delightful as Jagariko potato fries; the more you chew, the more the aroma of black pepper wafts out, and the more the savoriness of green soybeans spreads in your mouth.

Calbee Edamariko Edamame Fries

Although I don’t drink alcoholic beverages, I could enjoy these sticks deliciously as an afternoon snack with green tea, and I think children can also like them, as they are not that spicy and umami-rich. 

Lastly, for your information, here are the ingredients list and nutrition facts label of this Otona no Edamariko snack stick.

Calbee Otona no Edamariko Black Pepper Ingredients Nutrition Facts Calories Label


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