Best Tonkotsu Snack? Maybe, This with Ippudo Flavor

Japan is the realm of ramen, where many people can’t live without it. 

Those people not only hunt for actual delicious ramen, but they also indulge in its related products, including instant noodles and snacks.

I am among the tribe, and the other day, I caught a super tasty Tonkotsu cracker at a 7 Eleven.

Hakata Ippudo Tonmaru Tonkotsu Snack

Hakata Ippudo Tonmaru Tonkotsu Snack

That is this Tonmaru (とんまる) Tonkotsu snack with a Hakata Ippudo flavor, which instantly made me addicted.

Even though the catch was small, weighing 25 grams, it was high-priced at 165 yen (about 1.3 USD).

But the brand name of Ippudo was very appealing, driving me to buy it.

Hakata Ippudo Tonmaru Tonkotsu Flavor Rice Crackers

As mentioned above, the contents are rice crackers, whose look reminds me of Mochi Taro

Snacks with savoriness from Tonkotsu or pork bones are uncommon even in Japan, and I haven’t really eaten them before.

I couldn’t even imagine what these crackers tasted like, but they didn’t disappoint me.

While the Tonkotsu flavor is not overpowering, the treats are loaded with umami similar to sweetness, very flavorful, and addicting.

Best Japanese Tonkotsu Snack with Hakata Ippudo Flavor

After the first bite, I found this snack the best I have had recently. 

Although it was somewhat pricey, the brand name Ippudo and the taste absolutely lived up to my expectations!


Hakata Ippudo Tonmaru Tonkotsu Snack Ingredients Nutrition Facts Calories Label

Rice, Vegetable oil, Tare (sugar, soy sauce, fructose corn syrup, and so forth), Seasoning powder (salt, pork flavoring, sugar, starch decomposition products, powdered roasted garlic, garlic powder, lard, pepper, powdered soy sauce), Beni shoga powder, Modified starch, Amino acid seasoning, Sweeteners (acesulfame potassium, sucralose), Flavoring, Acidifier

(Reference Page: Gourmet Watch )


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