Pine Awadama: The Pioneer of Fizzy Candies in Japan

Together with the Kit Kats that I talked about in the previous posts, I accidentally found one of my favorite soda candies as a kid called Awadama (あわだま) in the Welcia drugstore.

Awadama Soda Candy from Pine

Pine Awadama Soda Candy

The Awadama soda candy (Weight: 120 g/ Price: 162 yen) is from Pine, an Osaka-based confectionery company known for its pineapple candy named Pine Ame (パインアメ).

Awadama (あわだま), literally meaning Bubble Ball, is a kind of Dagashi. First released in 1987, this product is known as the pioneer of fizzy candies in Japan.

Awadama Soda Candy Apple Pineapple Grape Flavors

Since fizzy soda candies weren’t around at the time, these treats soon became popular, and Dagashiya candy shops dotted around the city carried them.

Today, the candy shops are rarely seen in the city, but instead, Dagashi treats like this are available at supermarkets, convenience stores, and drugstore chains.

Awadama Candy from Pine

The Awadama soda candy comes in three flavors, Apple (アップル), Pineapple (パイン), and Grape (グレープ), which are neither so sweet nor intense.

Once popped in the mouth, these Ame (hard candies) give a slight fizzy feeling, and the slow fizz lasts till the end. They are not stimulating but refreshing, and I can’t get enough of eating them!

Ingredients/Nutrition Facts

Pine Awadama Soda Candy Ingredients Nutrition Facts Calories Label

Sugar, Starch syrup, Fruit juice (grape, pineapple, apple), Fat/Oil, Dairy products, Acidifier, Sodium bicarbonate, Vitamin C, Flavoring, Colors (anthocyanins, monascus, safflower yellow, gardenia), Thickener (guar gum)

Nutritional Values

Nutritional Values per Piece (4.7 Grams)
Calories 17.4-17.5 kcal
Protein 0 g
Fat 0 g
Carbohydrates 4.4 g
Salt equivalents 0.05 g
Vitamin C 22.8-23.0 mg


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