Curry Yakisoba Noodles with Arare Crackers from Maruchan

With the Dragon Ball Man Chocolate, I got a quirky instant Yakisoba noodle at the Lawson from Maruchan created with Arare rice crackers that recreate the taste of Kameda’s Curry-Sen or Curry Senbei.

In recent years, instant noodles that collaborate with popular snacks seem to be favored by Japanese instant noodle manufacturers. And I remember the Pringles Sour & Cream Flavor Yakisoba I sampled in 2020 was quite delicious.

Kameda Curry-Sen Flavor Instant Yakisoba

The Maruchan instant Yakisoba noodle with Kameda Seika Confectionery’s classic Curry Senbei flavor hit the shelves on May 23 this year (2022) with the Happy Turn Yakisoba.

Kameda Curry-Sen Flavor Instant Yakisoba from Maruchan

I could not decide which to choose for a while, but I grabbed this one because Curry Senbei sounds better than Happy Turn for Yakisoba noodles.

As with other instant Yakisoba, this cup comes with a dried wheat noodle block and a few packets. And the cooking is also basically the same as others, like this.

Yakisoba is usually finished with a Japanese-style Worcester sauce or seasoned mainly with salt, and I had never eaten Curry Yakisoba before, but this was pretty good! 

Maruchan Instant Yakisoba with Curry Arare Crackers

If you too want to try Curry Yakisoba, it appears you can effortlessly make it with instant curry sauce just by pouring it onto finished Yakisoba noodles, as seen in this recipe by House Foods.

Kameda Curry-Sen Flavor Instant Yakisoba from Maruchan Ingredients


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