Okame Natto: Japan’s No.1 Natto Brand from Takano Foods


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  1. perlancar says:

    Thanks for this article. What does the Goku in “Okame Goku Kotsubu” mean? Does it mean the area where the natto is traditionally produced? Because there’s also “Okame Hokkaido Kotsubu”.

    • Tomo says:

      Hi, Thank you for commenting!
      Here, Goku/極 is not the name of an area, but it is derived from the Japanese adverb 極めて, meaning extremely or very.
      On the other hand, Kotsubu/小粒 is short for 小さい粒 or 小さな粒, meaning small grain, so Goku Kotsubu/極小粒 means that the size of natto grains are extremely/very small.

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