Kurozu Diet: Black Rice Vinegar Drink to Lose Weight

Kurozu (黒酢), or black rice vinegar made from brown rice, contains plenty of essential amino acids and citric acid and is popular in Japan for its health benefits, such as

  • lowering blood pressure 
  • suppressing the rapid increase of blood sugar level
  • reducing visceral fat
  • getting rid of fatigue

Plus, the vinegar is low-calorie, so many Japanese people favor it when they are on a diet/want to lose weight, and accordingly, makers offer various Kurozu beverages.

Hachimitsu Kurozu Diet

Tamanoi Hachimitsu Kurozu Diet

Among others, one of the best-known is this Hachimitsu (はちみつ: honey) Kurozu Diet from Tamonoi (タマノイ). The product is available in many supermarkets, and I bought it for 398 yen.

Hachimitsu Kurozu Diet Concentrate Liquid

The carton contains 500 ml of liquid (concentrate), mainly consisting of Kurozu vinegar, apple juice, and honey, and you can make a drink by diluting it with water/sparkling water.

Tamanoi Hachimitsu Kurozu Diet Ingredients Nutrition Facts

Based on the description below, the usage of this concentrate is varied, and it can also be a sauce/topping for yogurt or a secret seasoning for the curry.

Tamanoi Hachimitsu Kurozu Diet Usage

When making a drink, the maker’s recommended ratio of this liquid (containing 5 ml of Kurozu vinegar per 40 ml) to water is 1:2, and you can serve it both hot and cold.

The resulting thing is tasty and easy to drink, and you can keep dieting with it without getting bored.


Hachimitsu Kurozu Diet Drink

Without using this concentrate, you can easily make a Hachimitsu Kurozu diet drink with Japanese black rice vinegar and honey, as I wrote before

Hachimitsu Kurozu Drink

So if you are interested, why not get prepared and give it a try?

(Reference Page: Wikipedia 黒酢 )


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