Dagashi: Petit Pudding Chocolate from Kabaya Foods

When I went shopping at a supermarket yesterday, I headed to its Dagashi section to hunt for something interesting, where this Puchi Pudding Choco (プチプリンチョコ) caught my eye.

Kabaya Petit Pudding Chocolate

Kabaya Petit Pudding Chocolate

The Petit Pudding chocolate is from Kabaya Foods, an Okayama-based confectionery company known for Ju-C Ramune or Pureral Gummy. It is a candy marketed toward children, and I bought it for 98 yen. 

Puchi Pudding Chocolates from Kabaya Foods

You might wonder if these treats are related to Pucchin Pudding, as their names are similar, but the latter is a product by Glico, and the two items have no connection.

Kabaya Petit (Puchi) Pudding Chocolates

However, based on the official site, the theme of these Puchi Pudding chocolates is a pudding popular with children (Glico Pucchin Pudding?!), and these sweets deliciously recreate the taste of it.

Kabaya Puchi Pudding Chocolates

As its name suggests, Kabaya Puchi Pudding Chocolate is petit like this, but despite the size, the candy is so yummy that it will bring you Big Happy!

Ingredients/Nutrition Facts

Kabaya Petit Pudding Chocolate Ingredients List

Sugar, Vegetable oil/fat, Whole milk powder, Milk sugar, Cacao mass, Cocoa butter, Egg yolk paste, Soy emulsifier, Flavoring (from wheat), Gardenia yellow pigment

Nutritional Values

Kabaya Petit Pudding Chocolate Nutrition Facts Label

Nutritional Values per Box (34 Grams)
Calories 196 kcal
Protein 1.8 g
Fat 13.0 g
Carbohydrates 18.6 g
Salt equivalents 0.06 g


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