Baked Kit Kit Sweet Potato Chocolate Bars for Halloween

Halloween 2022 is nearing day by day. 

Here in Japan, the festival is not yet so prevalent, but many youths enjoy the event with friends, and stores carry various products with Halloween packaging.

Baked Kit Kat Sweet Potatoes for Halloween Treats

Japanese Kit Kat Halloween Break Sweet Potato Flavor

Although I picked up the Kit Kat Assorted Pack (including Apple Pie flavor) two years ago, last year resulted that the Umaibo Happy Con-Pota grabbed my heart.

Japanese Kit Kat Halloween Break Sweet Potato Flavor Talking Hands Collaboration 1

But this year, KitKat was more appealing, accompanying a Sweet Potato flavor in collaboration with Talking Hands, and I ended up going out with it again.

Japanese Kit Kat Halloween Break Sweet Potato Flavor Talking Hands Collaboration

The packaging has an adorable drawing of a Halloween spook doing a Talking Hand movement, beneath which you can see a message corresponding to it.

Japanese Kit Kat Halloween Break Sweet Potato Flavor Chocolate Bars

These Kit Kat bars use sweet potato flavoring and deliciously recreate that taste. But I thought for Halloween treats something lacks and thus added a baking twist that I learned from the Pudding Kit Kat.

Baked Kitkat Sweet Potato Chocolate Bars

As a result, the method worked perfectly with this flavor too!

The baking made these savory and crispy, like cookies, whose taste was addicting, and I found the baked Kit Kat perfect for Halloween treats.


So lastly, I want to share the cooking process. I don’t know what flavors KitKat overseas is offering for Halloween. But this method goes well with various and is worth trying at least once!

1 Baked Kit Kat Instructions 1 First, lay a sheet of aluminum foil on the baking tray of a toaster oven and place Kit Kat bars. 
2 Baked Kit Kat Instructions 2 Then, bake them at 250 degrees Celcius (482°F) for 2-3 minutes.
3 Baked Kit Kat Instructions 3 After baking, chill them in the fridge for a while to harden again.
4 Baked Kit Kat Sweet Potato Flavor Chocolate Bars for Halloween Now they are ready. Enjoy!


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