Nihon-Ichi Kibi Dango: A Dagashi Candy from Hokkaido

Yesterday, I found a rare Dagashi candy by chance in a supermarket where I rarely shop. 

The name of the treat is Nihon-Ichi Kibi Dango (日本一 きびだんご), which is from Japan’s northernmost prefecture Hokkaido.

Nihon-Ichi Kibi Dango (日本一 きびだんご)

Tengudo Nihon-Ichi Kibi Dango

Nihon-Ichi (日本一: Japan’s No.1) Kibi Dango is a sweet different from Okayama’s specialty Kibidango (but both are associated with Momotaro or Peach Boy).

While the latter is a nationally-famous Wagashi confection consisting of mochi-like Gyuhi (求肥), the former is a local Dagashi candy sold mainly in Hokkaido.

Dagashi Nihon Ichi Kibi Dango from Hokkaido

So here in Niigata, it was hard to find (but the Dagashi is known to those in the know).

Now, two confectionery makers, Tanida Seika (谷田製菓) and Tengudo Takarabune (天狗堂 宝船), are producing the Dagashi, and this one is from the latter, bought at 49 yen.

Dagashi Nihonichi Kibidando

As you can see in the photo, a wafer wraps the candy, whose inside is chewy and stretchy like Mizuame (水飴: starch syrup).

The Dagashi is less sweet than you’d expect. But its texture is quite close to actual Dango dumplings, and the candy, as a whole, is pretty good.

Tengudo Nihonichi Kibidango

Based on this info on the official site of Tanida, Nihonichi Kibi Dango was first released in 1923, wishing for the pioneering spirit of Hokkaido and the reconstruction from the Great Kanto earthquake.

So this Dagashi has some historical value or significance, and if you can find it, I recommend picking it up and trying it once, as I did.

Ingredients/Nutrition Facts

Tengudo NihonIchi Kibi Dango Ingredients Nutrition Facts Label

Starch syrup, Sugar, Wheat flour, Mochiko (glutinous rice powder), An (sweet red bean paste), Wafer (starch), Calcium carbonate (Partially including Wheat and Soybean)

Nutritional Values

Nutritional Values per Stick
Calories 145 kcal
Protein 1.1 g
Fat 0.0 g
Carbohydrates 35.2 g
Salt equivalents 0.0 g


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