7 Best Japanese Furikake Rice Seasonings

Have you ever heard of “Furikake (ふりかけ)”?

Furikake is a Japanese rice seasoning that mainly consists of dry mini flakes made from a variety of foods including meat, fish, eggs, and seaweed.

In addition to the main ingredients, most Furikake rice seasonings available in Japan also contain dried nori seaweed and sesame seeds.

As our staple food is rice, we like to sprinkle Furikake as a condiment over a bowl of plain white rice to make it tasty.

Steamed Plain Rice with Furikake Rice Seasoning

It is said that the origin of Furikake dates back to the Kamakura Period (Kamakura : 1185 to 1333). Hence, Furikake is a kind of traditional Japanese food.

In recent years, new types of Furikake has come out one after another in Japan’s market, and some Furikake products contain even freeze-dried ingredients that are richer in flavor.

Japan’s 7 Best Furikake Rice Seasonings in Modern Times

Toady let me talk about the history of Japanese Furikake rice seasonings briefly and introduce the 7 best Furikake in modern times in Japan.

The First Modern Furikake Rice Seasoning 

The First Modern Furikake Rice Seasoning
Gohan No Tomo (御飯の友)
This Furikake consists primarily of powder of parched dried small sardine called “Iriko (いりこ)”, which is rich in calcium. The ingredients other than Iriko include dried Kombu (seaweed kelp), dried Nori (seaweed laver), and sesame seeds.

The first modern Furikake rice seasoning “Gohan No Tomo (御飯の友)” was created and put on the market in the early Taisho Period (Taisho : 1912 to 1926) in Kumamoto Prefecture.

The product name, “Gohan No Tomo” has the literal meaning of “A friend of rice”. Even now, this Furikake still exists and is available at some supermarkets in Japan.

The Best and Most Popular Furikake Rice Seasoning in the Postwar Period

The Most Popular Furikake Rice Seasoning in the Postwar Period
Marumiya (丸美屋) – Furikake Rice Seasoning, Noritama (のりたま)
Marumiya Noritama mainly consists of dry sweet egg flakes and Nori seaweed. This product is very famous in Japan and even now has the top share in the market.

The best and most popular Furikake in the postwar period is admittedly “Marumiya Noritama (丸美屋 のりたま)“. The coined word, “Noritama (のりたま)” stands for “Nori (海苔 : seaweed laver) and Tamago (卵 : egg)”. As the product name indicates, this rice seasoning mainly contains dry sweet egg flakes and Nori seaweed.

The Noritama rice seasoning went on the market in 1959 and after that gained tremendous popularity. Although Furikake rice seasoning had been considered as a luxurious food in Japan until Marumiya Noritama was introduced into the market, Furikake became a common food thanks to Noritama.

The 3 Best Furikake Famous as Long-Sellers in Japan

In addition to the Marumiya Noritama series, “Mishima Yukari (三島 ゆかり)” and “Nagatanien Otona no Furikake (永谷園 おとなのふりかけ)” are the 2 best-selling Furikake rice seasonings famous as long-sellers in Japan.

The 3 Best Furikake Rice Seasonings with History in Japan
Mishima – Yukari Furikake Rice Seasoning Nagatanien – Otona No Furikake Marumiya – Noritama Series Furikake Rice Seasonings, 5 Flavors
“Mishima Yukari (三島 ゆかり)” is one of the best Furikake products with Umeboshi plum flavor. This Japanese rice seasoning mainly consists of dried red shiso leaves and bits of pickled ume plums, so it is somewhat sour and salty. The product name, “Otona No Furikake (おとなのふりかけ)” literally means “the Furikake for adults”. As a matter of fact, this item was created based on the concept of “Furikake for adults”. However, it goes without saying that children can also enjoy it. These 5 Furikake are popular rice seasonings from Marumiya Noritama series. This product of assorted Marumiya rice seasonings consists of “Noritama (のりたま)”, “Hon-Katsuo (本かつお : bonito flakes)”, “Tarako (たらこ : seasoned cod roe flakes), “Sukiyaki (すきやき)“, and “Ajidoraku (味道楽)” with savory bonito flakes, sweet egg flakes, and dried nori seaweed.
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2 Popular Freeze-Dried Furikake Rice Seasonings in Recent Years

Lastly, here are 2 popular freeze-dried types of Furikake rice seasonings that are popular on Amazon Japan in recent years.

2 Popular Freeze-Dried Furikake Rice Seasonings
Luxury Furikake Rice Seasoning with Freeze-Dried Sea Urchin Roe Furikake with Freeze-Dried Natto (fermented soybeans) and Nori Seaweed
The sea urchin roe, “Uni (うに)” is the seafood that is famous as a luxurious sushi topping. The way of eating this Furikake is: sprinkle one pack over a bowl of steamed plain rice and ripen the freeze-dried sea urchin for a short while, then enjoy it. This item has a good reputation among Amazon Japan customers. This Furikake mainly consists of freeze-dried Natto (納豆 : fermented soybeans). The other main ingredients are 3 kinds of dried seaweeds. This rice seasoning also has a good reputation among Amazon Japan customers.
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