Kuzukiri: How to Use Japanese Kudzu Jelly Noodles


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  1. Jennifer says:

    How much powder and how much water for recipe???

    • Tomo says:

      Thank you for the comment!

      We Japanese usually obtain Kuzukiri noodles at grocery stores, but if you want to make the kudzu jelly noodles for yourself, you need some tips.

      I think this recipe on cookpad.com is helpful. On the page, there are several photos too concerning the making instructions.

      The ingredients you need to prepare for this recipe are water and kudzu powder (at a ratio of 3 : 1), and the making instructions for the Kuzukiri noodles are as follows.

      1. Put water and kudzu powder at a ratio of 3 : 1 in a bowl and dissolve the powder
      2. Strain the liquid through something like a tea strainer
      3. (Prepare a plate in which you indirectly heat the above liquid. Its depth becomes Kuzukiri noodles’ thickness)
      4. Pour the liquid into the plate
      5. Bring a pot of water to the boil, then set the plate afloat and indirectly heat it
      6. When the surface of the liquid gets firm and dry, pour hot water gently from the rim of the plate until the kudzu jelly is entirely soaked
      7. After you keep the jelly in the water for a while, sink the plate in the pot. When the kudzu jelly becomes transparent, take the plate out from the pot
      8. Peel off the jelly from the plate, and let it cool down in iced water
      9. Cut the kudzu jelly into thin strips like noodles
      10. Enjoy the Kuzukiri noodles with brown sugar syrup!

      I hope this will help.

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