Goma Mugicha: The Benefits of Sesame Barley Tea

In modern times, many people are suffering from high blood pressure and it is said that eating habits and foods you have every day are very important to prevent the disease.

Especially, eating foods packed with DHA and EPA such as fish, potassium such as seaweed, polyphenol, and carotenoid such as vegetables, every day is known for being effective in bringing down the blood pressure.

Health Benefits of Sesame Barley Tea or Goma Mugicha

Sesame Seeds

Additionally, if I give another example of foods that help improve high blood pressure, sesame seeds are well-known for being effective against high blood pressure.

This is mainly because sesame contains the following 3 components with good effects on the blood pressure.

Linoleic acid

The oil and fat component of sesame seeds is rich in Linoleic acid, which is an essential fatty acid that can’t be produced in the human body.

Taking the right amount of Linoleic acid is said to lower the level of bad cholesterol (LDL-Co) in the blood, which results in improving high blood pressure.


Cholesterol is a substance produced in the liver. If the liver function gradually weakens, that causes an increase in the production of bad cholesterol (LDL-Co).

Sesamin in sesame helps normalize the liver function and the production balance between beneficial cholesterol (HDL-Co) and bad cholesterol (LDL-Co), which, as a result, improves high blood pressure.

Sesame Peptide

Sesame Peptide, the component of sesame seeds has an action of blocking the activity of enzymes producing a substance that narrows the blood vessel. In other words, Sesame Peptide helps prevent the blood pressure from increasing.

Suntory Goma Mugicha

Suntory Goma Mugicha Sesame Barley Tea

As you can see from the above, sesame is effective in lowering high blood pressure, and if you have slightly high blood pressure, I will recommend “Goma Mugicha (胡麻麦茶)”, or sesame barley tea, for improving it.

Especially, Suntory’s Sesame Barley Tea is tasty, very easy to drink, and contains plenty of Sesame Peptide. It is a government-approved beverage for specified health uses and truly improves high blood pressure.

But if you want to see its effect of lowering the blood pressure, you need to drink one bottle of the Sesame Barley Tea (350ml) on a daily basis, for at least over 4 weeks. By keeping that, your slightly high blood pressure will be gradually improved. 

Since Suntory Goma Mugicha tastes good with a slightly aromatic sesame flavor, you can drink it every day with pleasure.

Note that those who are pregnant or whose kidney function is lowered should consult a doctor before drinking the tea.


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