How to Cold Brew Ryokucha Green Tea

Japanese Ryokucha (緑茶: meaning Green Tea) contains many components good for health.

But have you ever heard about the health benefit of that cold-brewed green tea?

Cold-Brewed Ryokucha Green Tea

Cold-brewed Ryokucha also brings positive effects on the body. But they are different from the ones with hot-brewed green tea.

The cold tea is umami-rich like high-grade Gyokuro (玉露) tea, even when made from inexpensive tea leaves.

Why is it Umami-Rich?

Cold-Brewed Ryokucha Green Tea

Here are two main reasons why cold-brewed Ryokucha has plenty of umami compared to hot-brewed green tea.

    • When Ryokucha green tea is brewed with low-temperature water, it doesn’t generate bitterness and astringent taste from catechins.
    • Instead, the umami component, theanine, is extracted a lot.

So cold-brewed Ryokucha has a rich sweetness, packed with umami compared to hot-brewed green tea.


  • Cold-brewed Ryokucha contains little catechin with an excellent antioxidant effect inhibiting the growth of human cancer cells. But it is instead rich in epigallocatechin that activates macrophages, a type of immune cell, and helps enhance immunity.
  • Besides, unlike hot-brewed green tea, cold-brewed one contains little caffeine, so it is safe for children.

How to Make it

How to Cold Brew Ryokucha Green Tea

Lastly, I will introduce one of the best ways to cold brew Ryokucha green tea introduced in a TV show.

The method will bring out the best taste and give you the perfect refreshment for the hot summer season.

Ingredients Quantity
Ryokucha green tea leaves 10 grams
Iced water 100 cc
  1. Put the Ryokucha green tea leaves in a Kyusu teapot and pour in the iced water.
  2. Let it rest for over 5 minutes.
  3. Brew and enjoy the cold green tea!

Although you use a generous amount of tea leaves for this recipe, you can brew and enjoy the chilled Ryokucha tea many times by adding additional iced water.


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