My 3 Best Japanese Otsumami Snacks for Beer

Some Japanese snack foods are very popular not only in Japan but also in the world.For example, the top Japanese snack maker, Calbee’s products occupy the largest share in the Japan’s snack market and some of them are popular even in the world.

Other than Calbee’s snacks, there are a bunch of tasty Japanese snacks that haven’t become popular yet in the world.

My 3 Best Japanese Otsumami Snacks that go perfect with Beer

As it’s getting hot days in Japan, today let me tell you about my 3 best Japanese Otsumami snacks that go perfect with beer and that you might not know.

The Japanese word, Otsumami (おつまみ) refers to the finger foods and nibbles eaten along with alcoholic drinks.

Glico – CRATZ Edamame-flavored potato snack

Glico CRATZ Edamame flavor 42 g ~ 10 pcs

Many Japanese will think that there is nothing better than Edamame (boiled green soybeans) and icy cold beer in the summer.Glico CRATZ Edamame flavor is a popular Japanese snack food that is rich in umami ingredients of the boiled green soybeans, Edamame.The snack is a relatively new product but it is becoming a standard Otsumami snack in Japan.Like cookies, the Japanese snack is crunchy on the outside and brittle on the inside.It has a nice texture and plenty of umami, and goes really well with beer.

Yamayoshi – Wasa-Beef potato chips

Yamayoshi Beef and Wasabi flavor Potato Chips, Wasa-Beef 2.1oz

Yamayoshi Wasa-Beef is a long-seller, addictive Japanese potato chips with a wasabi and beef flavor, which was released in 1987.The potato chips are rich in flavor of beef, and the pungent taste of wasabi (Japanese horseradish) gives the snack a little bit of kick.The combination of the tasty beef flavor and the aftertaste of wasabi with a refreshing aroma makes a great pair with beer.

Glico – Cheeza Cheddar Cheese

Glico Cheeza Cheddar Cheese 42 g

Glico Cheeza Cheddar Cheese is a crispy cheese cracker with the full body taste of cheese and has lots of umami that spreads in the mouth.This Japanese snack has the richest flavor and taste of cheese among all the snacks I have ever eaten.In fact, the ingredient of this snack includes 53% cheddar cheese.There are several kinds of cheese flavors in the series, but this cheddar cheese flavor is my most favorite.Thus, it can be said that this tasty cheese cracker is undoubtedly one of the best Otsumami snacks for me.


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