My 3 Best Japanese “Otsumami” Snacks for Beer

In addition to being widely enjoyed in Japan, some Japanese snacks are fairly well recognized even in countries outside of Japan.

For example, Japan’s top snack food manufacturer, Calbee’s products not only occupy the largest share in Japan’s market, but some of those products are also popular overseas.

Other than those Calbee’s treats, there are actually a bunch of delicious Japanese snacks that haven’t become popular yet in the world.

My Favorite Otsumami Snacks for Beer

As it’s getting hotter and hotter day by day here in Japan, today let me talk about my favorite Japanese Otsumami snacks that go perfectly with beer, all of which you might not know.

By the way, for the unfamiliar, “Otsumami (おつまみ)” is the Japanese collective term for finger foods and nibbles eaten as snack accompaniments for alcoholic beverages.

Now, here are my 3 best Otsumami snacks.

Glico CRATZ Edamame Flavor Potato Snack

Glico CRATZ Edamame-Flavored Potato Snack Glico CRATZ Edamame Flavor

In the hot summer climate, for many Japanese drinkers, there is nothing better than the combination of Edamame (boiled salted green soybeans) and icy cold beer.

Glico CRATZ Edamame is a popular Japanese snack packed with the savory umami taste of Edamame beans. It is a relatively new product but has already become a standard Otsumami in Japan.

Similar in texture to cookies, the Japanese snack is crunchy on the outside and brittle on the inside. With a very pleasant bite and an addictive savoriness, this Glico Cratz Edamame makes chilled beer an absolute delight in the summer.

Yamayoshi Wasa-Beef Potato Chips

Yamayoshi Wasa-Beef Potato Chips Yamayoshi Wasa-Beef Wasabi and Beef Flavor Potato Chips

Introduced by Yamayoshi Seika Confectionery in 1987, Wasa-Beef is a long-selling potato chip with an addicting flavor combination of wasabi and beef.

The potato crisps have plenty of beef flavor, while the slightly sharp taste of wasabi grated Japanese horseradish leaves a refreshing aftertaste for this snack.

The exquisite combination of the deliciousness of beef and the refreshing pungent taste of wasabi matches perfectly with beer and you will not be able to stop eating it.

Glico Cheeza Cheddar Cheese

Glico Cheeza Cheddar Cheese Glico Cheeza Cheddar Cheese

Glico Cheeza Cheddar Cheese is a crispy Japanese cheese cracker with a super-rich umami taste from cheese, so just with one bite, you will be amazed by the flavorsome delicious taste.

In fact, this Japanese treat has the richest cheese flavor of all the snacks I have ever eaten. I think this is mainly because this cracker uses as much as 53 percent of natural cheddar cheese.

Glico Cheeza comes in several regular flavors, but this cheddar cheese is my most favorite. Needless to say, to me, the Glico Cheeza Cheddar Cheese is one of the best matches for beer.


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