3 Best-selling Japanese Fizzy Soda Candies

I have never seen the ranking consisting only of Japanese fizzy soda candies yet, but I think I know what Japanese soda candies are standard and popular since I was born and raised in Japan. Even though there are not any rankings of that kind, I think the number of customer reviews shows the popularity of a product. Besides, even now I see some Japanese fizzy candies I used to enjoy in my childhood being sold at supermarkets.

3 Best-selling Japanese fizzy soda candies

Therefore, putting all this together, I judged the popularity. Based on my judgement, today I want to introduce 3 best-selling Japanese fizzy soda candies.

Asahi – Mitsuya Cider Candy

Mitsuya Cider Candy 136g ~ 6 bags

Asahi Mitsuya Cider Candy is a popular Japanese soda candy that reproduces the flavor and taste of Mitsuya Cider. Mitsuya Cider is a long-selling soda pop being produced by Asahi, a leading Japanese food compony. With a good reputation, the beverage is one of the most popular fizzy drinks in Japan. The Mitsuya Cider Candy has a taste like Mitsuya Cider drinks and a slow fizz that lasts the entire time. The product includes 4 flavors (soda pop, grape, peach, and a limited-time flavor).

Morinaga – Ramune Fizzy Soda Candy

Ramune Fizzy Soda Candy 0.91 Oz.

Ramune drinks are unique Japanese soda pop that are popular even in the world. Just like Mitsuya Cider Candy, Morinaga Ramune Soda Candy is a fizzy candy that reproduces the taste of Ramune soda pop. This Japanese fizzy soda candy has a long history and is one of the most famous sweet treats in Japan. It is also one of my favorite candies. In fact, I sometimes have a craving for the fizzy candy. This fizzy soda candy is cheap and known as a Dagashi candy in Japan, so it is especially popular with children.

Pine – Awadama

Awadama 120gX10 bags

The product name, “Awadama (あわだま)” loosely means “fizzy balls” in Japanese. This product is also well-known as a classic Dagashi candy in Japan. When I was a kid, I loved this Japanese fizzy soda candy and used to suck on it. Even now it is loved by many Japanese. Awadama candy has a juicy, refreshing taste and features its addicting fizzy sensation. This product includes 3 flavors (apple, pineapple, and grape). A Japanese confectionery company well-known for its long-selling pineapple candy, Pine (パイン) is producing it.


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