Oyatsu Karupasu and Umaibo: The Best 10 Yen Dagashi Snacks

Have you ever heard of the Japanese snack genre “Dagashi (駄菓子)”?

Actually, Dagashi is the collective term for cheap (and unique) Japanese snacks and candies, particularly for kids.

Several decades ago, the treats were available at Dagashi specialty shops, called “Dagashiya (駄菓子屋)“, scattered around the city.

But the circumstances surrounding the small candy shops have changed and the number of Dagashiya is gradually decreasing.

Instead, Dagashi treats are today sold in the snack and candy section of convenience stores, supermarkets, and drugstore chains.

My Favorite Cheapest Dagashi Snacks

Even now, some Dagashi treats only cost 10 yen (about 0.1 USD) and they are the cheapest snacks in Japan. 

Representative examples of such 10 yen Dagashi snacks include my favorite Oyatsu Karupas and Umaibo, which I will introduce here.

Oyatsu Karupasu (おやつカルパス)

Oyatsu Karupasu
First off, Oyatsu Karupasu (Calpas) is a popular beef jerky snack. Correctly, it is not a beef jerky but a semi-dry sausage snack. The Dagashi treat is available for only 10 yen in many supermarkets, drugstore chains, and convenience stores.

As you can see from the package, Oyatsu Karupasu is a snack food meant mainly for children, but adults can also enjoy the sausage snack as an accompaniment for alcoholic drinks like beer.

The semi-dry sausage is tender and not spicy at all. Although its price is just 10 yen, the Japanese sausage snack tastes pretty good.

Umaibo (うまい棒)

Yaokin Umaibo Nori Shio Flavor

Sometimes called “The King of Dagashi”, Umaibo is a corn puff snack bar that almost every child in Japan has probably eaten once.

Umaibo was introduced in 1979 and now comes in many unique flavors, including Nori Shio, Mentai, Teriyaki Burger, Takoyaki, and Tonkatsu Sauce. Surprisingly, the price of 10 yen hasn’t changed since the first release in 1979.

Umaibo is a savory, unique-flavored corn puff with a slightly hard texture to it. Although the price is just 10 yen, the Japanese puffed corn snack is filling and really tasty.


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