Funwari Meijin : The Fluffiest Rice Snack in Japan

As I wrote about them before, Senbei (せんべい), Okaki (おかき), and Arare (あられ), are the 3 major types of traditional Japanese rice crackers.As a matter of fact, rice is the staple food of us Japanese, so there are many variations of modern rice snacks as well available in Japan.Speaking of the texture, most Japanese rice snacks, including Senbei, Okaki, and Arare, have a hard texture rather than soft.

Echigo Seika Funwari Meijin – The fluffiest rice snack series in Japan

In spite of the fact, there exists a super fluffy rice snack series in Japan whose original product was released in 2005.It is the popular rice snack series of Echigo Seika Confectionery, “Funwari Meijin (ふんわり名人)”, and the series name loosely means “The master-hand at forming fluffy things” in Japanese.

As the name indicates, the rice snack, Funwari Meijin is, in fact, the fluffiest snack that I have ever eaten.Today I picked up the original product “Funwari Meijin Kinako Mochi (ふんわり名人 きなこ餅)” ( at a supermarket near my house to introduce this time.

Funwari Meijin Kinako Mochi

The product I purchased has 6 small bags of super fluffy rice snacks coated with sweet kinako roasted soybean flour in the package.The ingredients other than kinako flour include glutinous rice, sugar, glucose, salt, and vegetable fats and oils.

In addition to its super fluffy texture, this Kinako Mochi rice snack is especially characterized by the use of “Wasanbon (和三盆)”, the traditional Japanese sugar featuring its mellow taste, fine particles, and excellent melting feeling.

In the rice snack, Kinako matches perfectly with Wasanbon and the combination tastes like an authentic Japanese confection.

As you can imagine from the movie, when you put this Kinako Mochi rice snack in the mouth, it collapses immediately and melts away.Luckily, Funwari Meijin Kinako Mochi is available on, so if you are interested, I want you to try it once.These rice snacks are really fluffy, addictive, and truly worth a try.


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