Funwari Meijin Cheese Mochi: Super Fluffy Rice Puffs

When it comes to cheese snacks, Japan has some unique products not seen in other countries.

Echigo Seika Funwari Meijin Cheese Mochi 

Representative examples include combinations of traditional Japanese food and cheese, like this “Funwari Meijin Cheese Mochi (ふんわり名人 チーズもち)” (Price: 270 yen) from Echigo Seika.

Echigo Seika Funwari Meijin Cheese Mochi 

Mochi rice cakes

As you may already know, “Mochi (もち)” is a traditional Japanese food made from glutinous rice called “Mochi-Gome (もち米)” that’s been steamed and pounded.

Echigo Seika Funwari Meijin Cheese Mochi Puffed Rice Snacks

Cooked Mochi rice cake is usually chewy and very sticky, but these Cheese Mochi snacks aren’t and are super fluffy because they are puffed rice.

For the texture, the product name includes the word “Funwari (ふんわり)” meaning “fluffy” in Japanese.

The light yellow hue of these treats comes from cheese powder mixed with the rice dough.

The cheese used in this snack is all from Hokkaido, the northernmost prefecture of Japan. It uses 25% raclette cheese and 50% cheddar cheese.

As this video shows, the Cheese Mochi rice puff is crusty on the outside and fluffy on the inside.

Once you pop the snack into the mouth, it instantly melts.

Echigo Seika Funwari Meijin Cheese Mochi Rice Puffs

The Funwari Meijin Cheese Mochi is the fluffiest cheese snack I have ever eaten.

These rice puffs are not only fluffy but packed with flavor and are yummy!

Where to Buy

If you like cheese snacks, I highly recommend this product. It is one of the best and is available at many supermarkets in Japan.


Echigo Seika Funwari Meijin Cheese Mochi Ingredients

Lastly, here is the ingredients list. According to that,

the Echigo Seika Funwari Meijin Cheese Mochi puffed snack mainly consists of vegetable oil, glutinous rice, cheese seasoning powder, salt, dextrose, sugar, cheddar cheese powder, trehalose, amino acid seasoning, and carotenoid.


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