Yukimi Daifuku : Long-selling mochi-covered vanilla ice cream

As I wrote an article about popular types of Japanese confections the other day, Daifuku (大福) is one of the most beloved sweets in Japan. The Japanese confection is a type of Mochi-gashi (餅菓子), so it is made with mochi (餅), or sticky plain rice cake. Generally, Daifuku consists of a small, round mochi rice cake stuffed with anko (餡子), or sweet red bean paste, and it is also called Daifuku Mochi (大福餅) (Amazon.com).

Speaking of the variety, there are many variations of Daifuku with various fillings, including strawberry and anko, pudding, and coffee-flavored bean jam. Among such fillings, there is one that is perfect for summer. Yes, that is ice cream. When it comes to Daifuku with ice cream fillings, what comes to my mind right away is Yukimi Daifuku.

Yukimi Daifuku : Lotte’s long-seller mochi-covered vanilla ice cream

Yukimi Daifuku (雪見だいふく) is the vanilla ice cream covered in a thin, sticky mochi rice cake, which is produced by Lotte. The mochi ice cream was released in 1981 and now it has become a standard ice cream for summer in Japan.

The product is sold for about 100 yen at almost any convenience store in Japan during the summer season. The plastic container includes 2 vanilla ice creams with a mochi covering and a plastic fork pick.

When you serve one of the mochi ice creams on a plate, you can see that it looks like Daifuku, though it is cold due to its inside vanilla ice cream.

Correctly, the outer thin mochi rice cake is called Gyuhi (求肥), which is one of the representative ingredients used for Japanese confections. Gyuhi is made by kneading a mixture of glutinous rice flour, sugar, and starch syrup. Speaking of the Japanese confection using Gyuhi, Kibidango (きびだんご) is very famous.

Yukimi Daifuku is a must-try Japanese summer treat

Yukimi Daifuku is one of the most familiar ice creams to us Japanese. The outer Gyuhi has a slight sweetness and is soft and sticky in texture, whereas the inside vanilla ice cream has a moderate sweetness and melts in the mouth. The combination is great and addictive.

If you have a chance to visit Japan in summer and are interested in the Lotte’s mochi ice cream, just give it a shot. Yukimi Daifuku is a must-try Japanese summer treat for those who love ice cream.


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