Kasugai Tsubu Gummy : 5 Flavors of Colorful Fruit Gummy Candies

Fruit gummy candies are one of my favorite candy genres. Especially I love UHA Mikakuto Kororo Gummy with a texture like real fruit. Nevertheless, I like to try various gummy candies, so if I find one that attracts my interest, I will grab it.

The other day, I came across a fruit gummy candy that drew my attention by accident at a convenience store. The reason why the product attracted my interest is that it contains beautiful and colorful gummy candies.

The gummy candies with bright colors stood out as compared to its counterparts displayed on the shelf. Because of that, I picked it up.

Kasugai Tsubu Gummy : 5 Flavors of Colorful Fruit Gummy Candies

It is Kasugai Tsubu Gummy (Amazon.com) that I purchased to introduce this time. The manufacturer, Kasugai-Seika Confectionery is well-known for its classic hard candies, such as Shio Ame (塩あめ) and Kuro Ame (黒飴).

The bag includes 5 flavors of colorful gummy candies. They have beautiful, bright colors (the pink one : peach flavor, the green one : muscat flavor, the purple one : grape flavor, the red one : apple flavor, the orange one : grapefruit flavor) that attract people’s attention.

As you can see from the photo, the fruit gummy candy is coated with sugar. The inside gummy candy has a somewhat hard, chewy texture, while the sugar coating is crumbly.

Each of the 5 flavors isn’t sour at all but has a fruity, pleasant sweetness. In fact, these gummy candies contain plenty of fruit juice. Besides, the sugar coating adds a gentle taste to the gummy candy, so they totally satisfied me.

Kasugai Tsubu Gummy isn’t only beautiful but also yummy, so these gummy candies will be able to make kids happy.

The ingredients of Kasugai Tsubu Gummy fruit gummy candies

According to the ingredient list on the back of the bag, the ingredient includes sugar, starch syrup, gelatin, milk sugar, concentrated fruit juice (apple, grape, muscat, peach, grapefruit), sorbitol, acidifiers, scents, gelling agent (pectin), glaze, colorings (red cabbage, carotene, safflower yellow, gardenia), emulsifier, and pullulan.


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