Kasugai Tsubu Gummy: 5 Flavors of Colorful Fruit Gummies

Fruit gummies are one of my favorite candy genres, and among others, I love UHA Mikakuto Kororo Gummy

Nonetheless, I’m fond of trying various things. So if something attracts my interest, I will grab it.

In fact, the other day, I came across a fruit gummy that caught my eye in a convenience store.

The reason is that the package was filled with beautiful gummies with bright colors, which stood out on the shelf.

Tsubu Gummy from Kasugai Confectionery

Kasugai Tsubu Gummy

I bought that “Tsubu Gummy (つぶグミ: Grain Gummy)” (Price: 127 yen or so/about 1.1 USD) from Kasugai Seika after all, and here it is.

The manufacturer, Kasugai Confectionery is known for its good old Ame hard candies in Japan, such as “Shio Ame (塩あめ)” and “Kuro Ame (黒飴)“.

Kasugai Tsubu Gummy Fruit Candies

The bag contains colorful sugar-coated gummy candies made up of five flavors (pink: peach, green: muscat, purple: grape, red: apple, orange: grapefruit).

As you can see in the photos above and below, they feature eye-catching, beautiful, bright colors.

These are chewy hard gummies using plenty of fruit juice. Each flavor has a rich fruitiness and isn’t sour at all.

The crumbly sugar coating adds a gentle sweetness and a different texture, making the taste of the treats more addictive. 

Kasugai Tsubu Gummy not only has a beautiful appearance that excites kids, but it can also be an absolute delight for adults.


Kasugai Tsubu Gummy Ingredients Nutrition Facts Calories Label

Lastly, according to the ingredient list and nutrition facts label on the back of the bag,

the Kasugai Tsubu Gummy mainly consists of sugar, starch syrup, gelatin, milk sugar, concentrated fruit juice (apple, grape, muscat, peach, grapefruit), sorbitol, acidifier, flavoring, pectin, glaze, colors (red cabbage, carotene, safflower yellow, gardenia), emulsifier, and pullulan.

The calories per bag (85 grams) are 304 kcal.


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