Mochi Taro: A Dagashi Snack Known to Those in the Know

It seems that Daifuku sweets called Taro Mochi are popular in the U.S. 

But when I hear Taro Mochi, the product name reminds me of a long-loved Dagashi snack called Mochi Taro (餅太郎), released in 1976.

Mochi Taro (餅太郎)

New Mochi Taro

Mochi Taro (餅太郎) is a Dagashi or a Japanese penny snack produced by Kado (菓道) and sold by Yaokin (やおきん), whose price is just 10 yen. 

In its name, Mochi usually refers to a glutinous rice cake, while Taro is a typical Japanese boy’s name.

Dagashi Mochi Taro

And the Dagashi Mochi Taro looks like traditional Japanese Okaki (おかき) rice crackers.

As you may know, unlike Senbei, Okaki uses small pieces of Mochi or glutinous rice as its main ingredient.

New Mochi Taro Wheat Crackers

As the name and appearance suggest, these Mochi Taro crackers feature a taste and texture just like Okaki.

They are lightly salted and have a nice crunch.


New Mochi Taro Ingredients

However, the main ingredient is not rice. Instead, using wheat flour and starch, the snack beautifully recreates the Okaki-like pleasant texture. 

As you can see in the table below, the maker seasons these treats with salt, spice, and amino acid seasoning.

Wheat flour, Vegetable oil, Starch, Salt, Spice, Swelling agent, Seasoning (Amino acid)


Dagashi Snack New Mochi Taro

Mochi Taro is a Dagashi known to those in the know, but the taste is savory and so good that I can recommend it to everyone.

I found it available in several online stores overseas. So if you are interested in the snack, why not try it yourself?


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