Noriten : Classic Japanese Nori Seaweed Tempura Snacks

As you know, tempura (天ぷら) is a delicacy food that represents Japan, which is made deep-frying ingredients covered in batter. Then, do you know there are Japanese snacks produced through the making process of Tempura?

Ikaten and Noriten : 2 Typical Japanese Tempura Snacks

Noriten and Ikaten

Ikaten (いか天) and Noriten (のり天) are 2 representatives of such Japanese tempura snacks. As I introduced before, Ikaten is the tempura snack made deep-frying the dried squid called “Surume” that is coated in batter.

Noriten : Classic Japanese Nori Seaweed Tempura Snacks

Noriten (のり天)

On the other hand, Noriten is the tempura snack made with Nori seaweed ( as the product name indicates. Specifically, it is generally made deep-frying the nori seaweed coated in the batter that is made by dissolving egg and wheat flour in water. After deep-fried, the seaweed tempura snack is seasoned mainly with salt.

As you can guess, the word “ten (天)” included in both of the snack names, Ikaten and Noriten, stands for “Tempura”, while the former words, “Ika (いか)” means “squid” and “Nori (のり)” means “seaweed laver” in Japanese.

Noriten, together with Ikaten, is a classic tempura snack that has been enjoyed by Japanese for a long time. The seaweed tempura snack that I purchased this time is deep-fried in sesame oil, so these snacks are savory with a nice aroma of nori seaweed and sesame, and crispy with a good chewy texture.

Other than this type of Noriten snacks made with sesame oil, there are many variations, including this one available at Some are a little salty in taste, and others are a bit spicy in addition to the moderate saltiness.

The nori seaweed tempura snack, Noriten is a common snack in Japan, so it is available at many supermarkets and convenience stores. If you are interested and get a chance, just give it a try. Noriten snacks are really tasty with an addicting flavor.


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