UHA Mikakuto Juntsuyu : Long-seller Japanese Jewel-like Hard Candies

UHA Mikakuto is one of leading Japanese confectionery companies, together with Kanro and Morinaga.

When it comes to the 3 confectionery makers’ signature products, Kanro boasts its hard candy with umami of soy sauce “Kanro Ame (カンロ飴)“, Morinaga is especially famous for its caramel candy “Morinaga Milk Caramel“, and UHA Mikakuto has a long-seller hard candy loved by many Japanese from the time when the company was founded.

UHA Mikakuto Juntsuyu : Jewel-like Hard Candies with Black Iced Tea Flavor and Refined Sugar Flavor

The UHA Mikakuto’s hard candy with nearly 70 years of history is “UHA Mikakuto Juntsuyu” (Amazon.com), which I picked up today to introduce. The product name, “Juntsuyu (純露)” is literally translated into English as “Pure dew”.

As the product name indicates, these hard candies look like purified drops of dew, in other words, they are clear in color and clean. There are two flavors in the product, the dark brown ones : black iced tea flavor, and the golden ones : refined sugar flavor.

When the candies are taken out of the plastic wrap, you can see that they have a pentagon shape and a little hole in them, and notice that they are similar to beautiful jewels in shape.

According to the official website of UHA Mikakuto, these little pieces of hard candies contain the highest purity degree of sugar among all Japanese hard candies.

In fact, the golden one with a refined sugar flavor has a delicate taste that lasts long in the mouth, and the dark brown one with a black iced tea flavor also tastes great with no bitterness.

Since I used to suck on these jewel-like hard candies in my childhood, they have a nostalgic taste to me. Even now the delicate sweet flavor makes me happy, so anyone, from adults to children, will be able to enjoy these Japanese candy treats.

The ingredients of UHA Mikakuto Jyuntsuyu 

According to the description on the back of the bag, these Japanese candies are made from only 4 ingredients, sugar, starch syrup, black tea, and scents. Nevertheless, they are really yummy!

UHA Mikakuto Juntsuyu hard candy


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