Nikki Ame: Classic Japanese Cinnamon Candy

Until now, I have introduced several classic Japanese hard candies, including “Shio Ame (塩飴: salt candy)”, “Kuro Ame (黒飴: brown sugar candy)”, and “Hakka Ame (ハッカ飴: Japanese peppermint candy)”.

These “Ame (飴)” treats have been long-time favorites in Japan and are very familiar to us Japanese.

In addition to them, there is one more such item called “Nikki Ame (ニッキ飴)”, which I picked up today for this blog article.

Nikki Ame (ニッキ飴)

Kasugai Seika Nikki Ame

The product “Nikki Ame (ニッキアメ)” is produced and sold by the Japanese confectionery company “Kasugai Seika (春日井製菓)“.

In its name, the word “Ame (飴, アメ)” stands for “hard candy”, while “Nikki (ニッキ)” is the word for “cinnamon”. Thus, Nikki Ame is a Japanese cinnamon candy with a hard texture.

Nikki Ame Japanese Cinnamon Candy

As with other classic Ame treats, these candies are individually wrapped. As you can see in the picture, Nikki Ame is like a jewel with a beautiful translucent orange color. 

Cinnamon is known as the world’s oldest spice, and for that, this candy has a little sharp taste. But it doesn’t give your tongue any heat sensation.

Thanks to that, these cinnamon candies are easy-to-eat, and anyone from adults to children can enjoy them.

Featuring the pleasant aroma of Nikki, they have the right amount of sweetness and leave a distinctive sharp aftertaste, as previously mentioned.

Ingredients and Calories

Kasugai Nikki Ame Japanese Cinnamon Candy Ingredients and Nutrition Facts

Lastly, for those who are curious about the ingredients and nutrition facts of this Nikki Ame, here are the lists.

According to that, with 390 kcal per 100 grams, this hard candy consists of sugar, starch syrup, salt, caramel, cinnamon extract, and spices.


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