Konjiki Hototogisu Instant Ramen from Sanyo

In the 2019 edition of the Michelin Guide to Tokyo, 3 ramen restaurants, Japanese Soba Noodles Tsuta, Nakiryu, and Soba House Konjiki Hototogisu (Google Map) got 1 star. 

Instant noodles that recreate their signature dishes have been already created by leading Japanese instant noodles manufacturers and are available at 7 Eleven and Lawson convenience stores.

Toyo Suisan Japanese Soba Noodles Tsuta and Nissin Nakiryu are sold in 7 Eleven, while Sanyo Shokuhin Soba House Konjiki Hototogisu is a Lawson-limited instant ramen bowl.

Sanyo Soba House Konjiki Hototogisu Instant Noodle

Sanyo Shokuhin Soba House Konjiki Hototogisu Instant Ramen Bowl

The other day, I tried those 7 Eleven-limited instant noodle soups. So this time, I picked up the rest, Sanyo Soba House Konjiki Hototogisu instant ramen.

As you can see in the photo above, the ramen restaurant “Konjiki Hototogisu (金色不如帰: golden lesser cuckoo)” is listed in the 2019 edition of the Michelin Guide to Tokyo.

The exact name of this instant ramen is “Noukou Kai-Dashi Shio Soba (濃厚貝だし塩そば: rich salt-based clam broth ramen)” featuring the umami of clams and red sea bream, followed by a fragrant aroma of black truffle.


Sanyo Konjiki-Hototogisu Noukou Kaidashi Shio Soba Contents

In the bowl, you will see these 4 things on the dried wheat noodle block.

  • The green packet contains soup base liquid.
  • The blue one contains soup base powder.
  • The transparent one has a slice of Chashu roast pork.
  • The red one has garnishes, such as seasoned beech champignons and chopped green onions.


The cooking of this instant ramen is somewhat complicated. Following the directions on the side of the bowl, I actually made the ramen. For those who want to try this someday, here, I will share how to cook it.


1 First, put the contents of the red packet into the bowl.
2 At the same time, add the contents of the transparent packet.
3 Pour boiling water until it reaches the line indicated inside the bowl.
4 Close the lid and place the green packet on top, and let the noodles steep for 4 minutes.
5 Then, remove the lid and loosen the noodles.
6 Put the contents of the green packet into the bowl.
7 At the same time, add the contents of the blue packet.
8 Give it all a good stir.
9 Konjiki-Hototogisu Instant Ramen Bowl And enjoy!


Sanyo Konjiki-Hototogisu Instant Ramen

This Konjiki Hototogisu instant ramen was released in October of last year (2018), but this was the first time I tried it. 

As the description on the lid says, the seafood broth has a nice fragrance associated with black truffle. It is very flavorful, full of the umami of clams and red sea bream, tastes wonderful.

Soba House Konjiki Hototogisu Instant Ramen

The noodles are thin but have a pleasant, chewy bite. Overall, I think this instant ramen is of quite a high level.


Sanyo Konjiki Hototogisu Instant Ramen Ingredients

According to the ingredient list on the side of the bowl, the soup base of this ramen consists of clam extract, lard, vegetable oil, salt, chicken extract, sweeteners, bonito extract, pork extract, mirin, protein hydrolyzate, sardine extract, dextrin, flavoring oil, red sea bream extract, and spices.

Where to Buy 

As previously mentioned, this Konjiki Hototogisu instant ramen is only available at Lawson convenience stores.


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