Camu Camu Lemon: Long-Selling Vitamin C Rich Candy

When it comes to Japanese lemon candy, what comes to my mind right away are “Nobel Super Lemon” and “Mitsubishi Camu Camu Lemon” because these were my favorite treats as a kid.

The former is a hard candy featuring the extreme sourness that comes from a white powder coating on the surface, while the latter is a soft candy with an addicting chewy bite.

Since I wrote about the former Nobel Super Lemon Hard Candy before, this time let me introduce the latter Camu Camu Lemon Candy.

Camu Camu Lemon (かむかむレモン)

Camu Camu Lemon

The Japanese lemon-flavored candy, Camu Camu Lemon, literally Chewing Chewing Lemon, is a long-selling soft chew produced by Meiji Chewing Gum and sold by Mitsubishi Foods. 

The package contains 13 or so small pieces of yellow candies which are shaped like a lemon.

Camu Camu Lemon Soft Candy

Actually, these chewing candies have a three-layer structure; the crumbly yellow sugar coating, the powdery white sour candy, and the translucent chewy sour candy in the center part. 

As a whole, in addition to having the perfect amount of sweetness and acidity, the Camu Camu Lemon candy is especially characterized by its addictive texture.

Nutrition Facts

Camu Camu Lemon Nutrition Facts

What is more, as lemon is associated with vitamin C, with 122 kcal per one bag (30 grams), the Japanese treat Camu Camu Lemon also contains as much as 2400 mg of vitamin C.


Camu Camu Lemon Ingredients

Lastly, for those of you who are interested in the ingredients, here is the list. According to that, the Japanese lemon candy, Camu Camu Lemon consists of sugar, starch syrup, vegetable oil, gelatin, sweetened condensed milk, lemon juice, vitamin C, emulsifier, sorbitol, polysaccharide thickener, acidifier, flavoring, safflower pigment, and brightener.


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