Nagasaki Castella : I Enjoyed the Japanese Sponge Cakes

“Castella (カステラ)” is a traditional Japanese “Wagashi (和菓子)” sponge cake made with hen’s eggs, wheat flour, sugar, and starch syrup.

As for the origin of the Castella spongecake, there are 2 main theories and it is said that the Japanese cake has its roots in either a Spanish baked confection “Bizcocho” or a Portuguese baked confection “pão de ló”.

Castella CakeCastella Cake

The original cake of Castella was introduced from Portugal to Japan and the first Castella spongecake was made around 1600.

By the way, it is generally said that the origin of the word “Castella (カステラ)” derives from the Portuguese pronunciation of the Kingdom of Castile “Castella”.

Nagasaki Castella (長崎カステラ)

Nagasaki Castella Hachimitsu and Matcha Flavors

Castella sponge cakes are available everywhere in Japan and widely enjoyed, but the ones produced in Nagasaki are especially famous. Therefore, I think Nagasaki Castella is a little pricey and has a luxurious feel compared to others.

Matcha and Hachimitsu Flavors 

Nagasaki Castella Hachimitsu and Matcha Sponge Cakes

As I wrote above, generally, Castella is made mainly with hen’s eggs, wheat flour, sugar, and starch syrup, but the Japanese sponge cake is sometimes flavored with milk, matcha green tea powder, honey, brown sugar or chocolate.

Nagasaki Castella Hachimitsu

This Castella spongecake has a Hachimitu (蜂蜜: honey) flavor.

Nagasaki Castella Matcha

This one has a Matcha (抹茶: matcha green tea) flavor


Nagasaki Castella Matcha and Hachimitsu Spongecakes

In general, Castella sponge cake is soft, fluffy, and somewhat moist as the cake is made using starch syrup.

In addition to having a perfect degree of sweetness, the Japanese spongecake is characterized by its satisfying refined taste.


Nagasaki Castella Hachimitsu Ingredients

According to the ingredient list, the Hachimitsu-flavored Nagasaki Castella is made from hen’s egg, sugar, wheat flour, starch syrup, crystal sugar, and honey.

Nagasaki Castella Matcha Ingredients

On the other hand, the ingredients in the Matcha-flavored one are hen’s egg, sugar, wheat flour, starch syrup, crystal sugar, Matcha green tea powder, and honey.

(Reference Page : Wikipedia カステラ )


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