Noshiika Taro: A Classic Dagashi Snack from Kado

“Noshiika (のしいか)” is one of the Japanese snacks made of squid and often enjoyed as an accompaniment for alcoholic drinks or “Otsumami (おつまみ)”.

It is a thin sheet of squid meat made by flattening out a heated dried squid with iron rollers, as in the word of Noshiika “Noshi (のし)” stands for “stretched”, while “Ika (いか)” means “squid”.

Typically seasoned with sugar, starch syrup, and honey, the Japanese squid snack has a gentle sweetness and is tender.

Noshiika Dried Squid Snack

Together with Surume, Noshiika has now become a standard Otsumami loved by all generations, but the Noshiika I introduce here, “Noshiika Taro (のしいか太郎)” is a “Dagashi (駄菓子)” snack whose main ingredient is fish meat.

Kado Noshiika Taro

Kado Noshiika Taro

Produced by “Kado (菓道)”, a Dagashi manufacturer known for producing Umaibo, Noshiika Taro is actually a long-selling Dagashi variety priced at 30 yen (about 0.3 USD), and “Taro (太郎)” in its name is a common Japanese boy’s name.

Noshiika Taro


Noshiika Taro Snack Sheet

Unlike the classic Otsumami Noshiika, this Dagashi Noshiika is made with white fish, wheat flour, and squid powder, and wetted with a liquid seasoning made from sugar, soy sauce, apple cider vinegar, honey, and spices.


The Dagashi, Noshiika Taro is a tender, sweet-sour snack. A lot of Dagashi treats are actually made with fish paste, but this Noshiika Taro is especially similar in features to Sudakosan Taro.


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