Butter Shoyu Gohan: Simple but Addicting Rice Bowl Dish

When I went out shopping yesterday, I stopped by a supermarket and found an interesting product for the blog article in the Furikake section. The name of the Furikake rice seasoning is “Butter Shoyu Furikake (バター醤油ふりかけ)” and I actually bought and enjoyed it with rice.

Nichifuri Butter Shoyu Furikake Rice Seasoning

Butter Shoyu Furikake on Rice

This was the first time I tried the Butter Shoyu Furikake from Nichifuri, but the flakes are very tasty featuring a mild, rich, addicting soy sauce butter flavor and went perfectly with a bowl of steamed plain rice. By the way, the rice condiment I tried this time is what recreates the taste of a long-time favorite rice bowl dish in Japan called “Butter Shoyu Gohan (バター醤油ご飯)”.

Butter Shoyu Gohan (バター醤油ご飯)

Butter Soy Sauce Rice

Butter Shoyu Gohan is a simple bowl of rice topped with a pat of butter and drizzled with a little soy sauce, but the rice bowl dish is addictive and loved by many people in Japan. Just with rice, butter, and soy sauce, you can enjoy the butter Shoyu rice anywhere, so why not give it a try once?

Preparation (Basic Recipe)

Butter Shoyu Gohan

As you can easily guess, the preparation or basic recipe for Butter Shoyu Gohan is very straightforward. Simply put a teaspoon to a tablespoon of butter (unsalted butter if possible) on a hot bowl of plain rice and drizzle a little soy sauce. Additionally, the butter rice is sometimes garnished with Katsuobushi dried bonito flakes, shredded nori, or Tarako roe, so if desired, add them for extra flavor.


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