Wagashi: Anno Imo Yokan that Became a Hot Topic on SNS

Yesterday, when I shopped at a 7 Eleven convenience store, a small packaged Wagashi sweet caught my eye because I had never seen the product before, and from its name, the confection seemed delicious. And I bought it after all.

After I returned home, I did some research about the Wagashi confection from 7 Eleven’s Seven&i Premium line. According to some online resources, it became a hot topic on SNS last year and seems to have been re-released recently.

Anno Imo Sweet Potato Yokan 

Seven&i Premium Anno Imo Sweet Potato Yokan

The Wagashi sweet I picked up this time is the “Anno Imo Yokan (安納芋羊羹)” shown in the photo above. For the unfamiliar with Japanese food, Yokan is a common type of Wagashi traditional Japanese confection.

Yokan is a simple, casual sweet usually made from sweetened Azuki red bean paste that’s been solidified with agar called Kanten, but what I bought this time is made using a species of sweet potato called “Anno Imo (安納芋)”, instead of Azuki red beans.

Anno Imo sweet potato

Anno Imo is a species of Satsuma Imo sweet potato which is especially characterized by its outstanding sweetness. When baked, spending time, its sugar content is said to increase to approximately 40 percent.

Anno Imo Sweet Potato Yokan

So the Anno Imo Yokan is exquisitely sweet and merrow, to say nothing of being very delicious. The pasty sweet potato has also a nice smooth texture and lives up to its reputation!

Ingredients and Nutrition Facts

Seven&i Premium Anno Imo Sweet Potato Yokan Ingredients

Seven&i Premium Anno Imo Sweet Potato Yokan Nutrition Facts

Lastly, for those of you who are interested in the ingredients and nutrition facts, here are the labels. According to that, with 150 kcal per one piece (56 grams), the Wagashi treat, Anno Imo Yokan is made from sugar, Anno Imo sweet potato paste, and Kanten agar.


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