Meiji Strawberry Chocolate with History

When it comes to Japanese milk chocolate with fruit-flavored chocolate fillings, Meiji Strawberry Chocolate and Fujiya Look Chocolate are the best and most-loved.

While Look Chocolate was introduced in 1962 by Fujiya and is made up of 4 flavors; banana, almond, strawberry, and pineapple in the current edition, 

Strawberry Chocolate from Meiji only consists of milk chocolate filled with strawberry-flavored chocolate.

As I picked up the latter product at my go-to supermarket yesterday, let’s take a close look at it here.

Meiji Strawberry Chocolate

Meiji Strawberry Chocolate

Meiji Strawberry Chocolate 2

Meiji Strawberry Chocolate is a long-selling candy that’s been around since 1967, and now, it has become a synonym for strawberry chocolate in Japan.

I have been familiar with this treat since I was small, and even now, I sometimes crave and purchase it. 

The package design has not changed a lot for a long time, and the box contains 26 pieces of individually wrapped chocolate blocks. 


As with Meiji’s other chocolates, this one has the logo “Meiji” branded on its top surface, and in the block, strawberry-flavored chocolate is filled. 

The inside contains tiny bits of strawberry seeds, which work as a pleasant accent giving a bit of crunchiness to the chocolate.

The taste balance between the exterior and the interior chocolate is also good, making the candy loved by everyone.

Ingredients/Nutrition Facts

Meiji Strawberry Chocolate Ingredients Nutrition Facts Calories Label

Lastly, here are the ingredients list and nutrition facts label of the Meiji Strawberry Chocolate.

According to that, the candy consists of sugar, vegetable fat, whole milk powder, milk sugar, cacao mass, cocoa butter, creaming powder, strawberry powder, skim milk powder, powdered apple juice, trehalose, emulsifier, flavoring, acidifier, and monascus pigment. 

And the calories per piece (4.65 grams) are 28 kcal.


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