Japanese Doughnut: What is An-Doughnut?

The doughnut is a fried dough confection that has been a long time favorite in many countries whose original form is said to be the traditional Dutch confection called “Oliebollen” or “Olykoek”.

In Japan, Mister Donut and Dunkin’ Donuts opened their branches in 1970 and popularized the deep-fried dough confection.

Today, there are even some varieties that are unique to Japan, and what I introduce here “An-Doughnut (あんドーナツ, 餡ドーナツ)” is the quintessential type.


An-Doughnuts from Japan

An-Doughnut is a classic Japanese doughnut that has long been loved in Japan, but it is unknown when it was created. 

The reason why the Japnese doughnut is unique and can’t probably be seen in other countries is that the deep-fried dough confection is filled with “Anko (餡子)” or sweet bean paste.

The Wagashi sweet typically has a sweetened Azuki red bean paste filling, but other various kinds of Anko fillings, such as “Shiro-An (白餡: sweet white bean paste)” or “Uguisu-An (うぐいす餡: sweet green pea paste)”, can also be used in the dough.


Many varieties of doughnut that can be seen in the market come in ring shapes, but the Japanese doughnut An-Doughnut has no hole since it is filled with Anko or “An (餡)“.

Its size is generally small and its surface is usually coated with sugar or granulated sugar. An-Doughnut is somewhat moist and is especially characterized by the gentle, refined sweetness from its Anko filling. 

Ingredients and Nutrition Facts

Japanese An-Doughnut Ingredients

Japanese An-Doughnut Nutrition Facts

According to the ingredients and nutrition facts labels, with 69 kcal per piece, the An-Doughnut I have now is made from Tsubu-An, wheat flour, oil, sugar, milk, hen’s egg, margarine, defatted soy flour, skim milk powder, salt, dried egg yolk, starch, baking powder, flavoring, gum guaiac, emulsifier, and colors.

Where to Buy 

An-Doughnut is one of the most beloved doughnut varieties in Japan, so it is available in many supermarkets.

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