What is “Ajihen” for Noodle Dishes including Ramen?

Today after running some errands, I stopped by a convenience store and came across a newly released instant noodle from Maruchan, which instantly drew my interest, and as a result, I grabbed the cup.

Maruchan Niku Soba Instant Noodle with Momoya Taberu Rayu

Together with the cup noodle “Maruchan Niku (Meat) Soba with Rayu Chili Oil”, I actually bought a jar of Taberu Rayu for “Ajihen (味変: literally Taste Change)”.

What is “Ajihen” meaning “Taste Change”?

Taberu Rayu Chili Oil for Ajihen

For the unfamiliar, “Ajihen (味変)” is to change the taste little by little by adding some condiments to enjoy various flavors while eating one dish (mainly noodles, especially ramen).

The seasoned pork bits topped buckwheat noodle soup is finished with regular pretty spicy Rayu (Layu) chili oil, so I thought the Taberu Rayu chili oil that is much more on the savory side is the best option for this.

Niku Soba with Taberu Rayu

By adding the Japanese chili oil with crunchy fried garlic little by little into the regular Rayu flavored somewhat spicy noodle soup, I enjoyed the change of taste and finished it off deliciously!


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