Umaibo: Limited-Time Lemon Flavor Corn Puff Stick

It’s been about 2 months since I last shopped at a Welcia drugstore, where today, an Umaibo flavor that I had never seen before caught my eye.

The flavor of that Umaibo was Lemon. I looked it up on the official website of Yaokin, the seller of the Dagashi snack, and found the Lemon flavor is a summertime-limited offer.

I wanted to give it a try, so I put some into my shopping cart.

Umaibo Lemon Flavor (うまい棒 レモン味)

Yaokin Umaibo Lemon Flavor

As with other Umaibo flavors, these Lemon flavor corn puff sticks only cost 10 yen (about 0.1 USD) per piece.

According to this site introducing the history of Umaibo, the Lemon flavor was first introduced in 2019 as a product that commemorated the 40th anniversary of Umaibo.


Umaibo Lemon

In the bag that brings back good memories of Japanese summer, there is a long cylindrical corn puff stick kind of different from normal Umaibo.

The Umaibo stick looks weird because it doesn’t have a hole in the middle.


But the texture is almost the same as ordinary Umaibo; these puffed corn sticks are light and airy with a nice crunch to them.

The taste is not sour rather sweet and reminds me of the taste of a lemon rusk. While I’m eating the snack, a pleasant lemon fragrance wafts into my nostrils, and subsequently, it leaves a refreshing aftertaste.

To put it briefly, the Umaibo Lemon tastes much better than I expected!

Ingredients and Calories

Yaokin Umaibo Lemon Flavor Corn Puff Sitck Ingredients Nutrition Facts Label

Lastly, for people who want to know the specific ingredients and nutrition facts of this Dagashi treat, here is the label.

Based on that, with 43 kcal per bag (6 grams), the Umaibo Lemon corn puff stick consists of non-GMO corn, vegetable oil, sugars (sugar, dextrose), lemon juice powder, breadcrumbs, skim milk powder, salt, seasoning (amino acid), acidifier, sweetener (sucralose), flavoring, and processed starch (may include wheat, milk components, and soybeans).


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