Calcium Senbei: Milky Delicious Crackers with Fish Powder

“Senbei (せんべい)” is the most common traditional Japanese cracker, which is generally made of non-glutinous rice “Uruchi-Mai (うるち米)”, the staple of the Japanese diet.

But Senbei can also use wheat flour as its main ingredient, and the representative variety includes what I introduce here “Calcium-Sen (カルシウムせん)” or Calcium Senbei.

Kashiwado Calcium-Sen (かしわ堂 カルシウムせん)

Kashiwado Calcium Senbei

The “Ca” Senbei, Calcium-Sen (Price: 192 yen/ about 1.8 USD) is a classic wheat cracker first made by “Kashiwado (かしわ堂)”, a confectionery company based in Kashiwazaki, Niigata, and today, a number of Japanese food makers are producing and selling it.

As its name indicates, the Senbei is a rich source of calcium, which mainly comes from fish powder contained in the cracker.


Calcium Senbei

These crackers have a light, pleasant crunchy texture and a sweet taste similar to Tamago Boro. They aren’t fishy at all but quite milky, and are easy to eat and delicious.

Because of the richness of calcium, as well as its light texture and deliciousness, Calcium Senbei is especially favored by parents with children.

Kashiwado Calcium Senbei Rice Crackers

But of course, adults can also enjoy it, which is why Calcium-Sen has now become a major variety of Senbei in Japan.

Ingredients and Nutritional Values

Kashiwado Calcium Senbei Ingredients Nutrition Facts Label

The maker recommends taking it up to 12 pieces per day. The calories and calcium taken when you eat the max 4 bags (each contains 3) of the Senbei are respectively 182.4 kcal and 240 mg.

By the way, the main ingredients used in the Senbei are wheat flour, sugar, powder of small fish, shellfish calcium, margarine, starch, salt, and leavening agent.



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